0.11.0 (2017-08-06)

This release requires new IAM permissions:

  • elasticfilesystem:DescribeFileSystems
  • elasticloadbalancing:DescribeAccountLimits
  • elasticloadbalancing:DescribeListeners
  • elasticloadbalancing:DescribeTargetGroups
  • elasticloadbalancing:DescribeRules

Changes in this release:

  • Issue #287 / PR #288 - Add support for Elastic Filesystem number of filesystems limit. (Thanks to nicksantamaria for the contribution.)
  • Issue #268 - Add support for ELBv2 (Application Load Balancer) limits; get ELBv1 (Classic) and ELBv2 (Application) limits from the DescribeAccountLimits API calls.

0.10.0 (2017-06-25)

This release removes the ElastiCache Clusters limit, which no longer exists.

  • Issue #283 - Add chat link to README and docs.
  • Issue #282 - versionfinder caused awslimitchecker to die unexpectedly on systems without a git binary on the PATH. Bump versionfinder requirement to >= 0.1.1.
  • Issue #284 - Fix ElastiCache limits to reflect what AWS Support and the current documentation say, instead of a support ticket from July 2015.
    • Remove the “Clusters” limit, which no longer exists.
    • “Nodes per Cluster” limit is Memcached only.
    • Add “Subnets per subnet group” limit.
  • Issue #279 - Add Github release to release process.

0.9.0 (2017-06-11)

  • Issue #269 - set Trusted Advisor limit name overrides for some RDS limits that were recently added to TA, but with different names than what awslimitchecker uses.
  • Fix bug Issue #270 - do not count propagated routes towards the VPC “Entries per route table” limit, per clarification in VPC service limits documentation (“This is the limit for the number of non-propagated entries per route table.”)
  • PR #276 / Issue #275 - Add new --skip-service CLI option and AwsLimitChecker.remove_services to allow skipping of one or more specific services during runs. (Thanks to tamsky for this contribution.)
  • PR #274 / Issue #273 - Add support for new i3 EC2 Instance types. (Thanks to tamsky) for this contribution.)
  • Fix broken docs build due to changes Intersphinx reference to ValueError in python2 docs
  • Add hack to docs/source/ as workaround for
  • Issue #267 - Firehose is only available in us-east-1, us-west-2 and eu-west-1. Omit the traceback from the log message for Firehose EndpointConnectionError and log at warning instead of error.

0.8.0 (2017-03-11)

This release includes a breaking API change. Please see the first bullet point below. Note that once 1.0.0 is released (which should be relatively soon), such API changes will only come with a major version increment.

This release requires new IAM permissions: redshift:DescribeClusterSnapshots and redshift:DescribeClusterSubnetGroups.

This release removes Python 3.2 support. This was deprecated in 0.7.0. As of this release, awslimitchecker may still work on Python 3.2, but it is no longer tested and any support tickets or bug reports specific to 3.2 will be closed.

  • PR #250 - Allow the --service command line option to accept multiple values. This is a breaking public API change; the awslimitchecker.checker.AwsLimitChecker awslimitchecker.checker.AwsLimitChecker.check_thresholds, awslimitchecker.checker.AwsLimitChecker.find_usage, and awslimitchecker.checker.AwsLimitChecker.get_limits methods now take an optional service list keyword argument instead of a string for a single service name.
  • PR #251 - Handle GovCloud-specific edge cases; specifically, UnsupportedOperation errors for EC2 Spot Instance-related API calls, and limits returned as 0 by the DescribeAccountAttributes EC2 API action.
  • PR #249 - Add support for RedShift limits (Redshift subnet groups and Redshift manual snapshots). This requires the redshift:DescribeClusterSnapshots and redshift:DescribeClusterSubnetGroups IAM permissions.
  • Issue #259 - remove duplicates from required IAM policy returned by awslimitchecker.checker.AwsLimitChecker.get_required_iam_policy and awslimitchecker --iam-policy.
  • Various TravisCI/tox build fixes:
    • Fix pip caching; use default pip cache directory
    • Add python 3.6 tox env and Travis env, now that it’s released
    • Switch integration3 tox env from py3.4 to py3.6
  • PR #256 - Add example of wrapping awslimitchecker in a script to send metrics to Prometheus.
  • Issue #236 - Drop support for Python 3.2; stop testing under py32.
  • Issue #257 - Handle ElastiCache DescribeCacheCluster responses that are missing CacheNodes key in a cluster description.
  • Issue #200 - Remove EC2 Spot Instances/Fleets limits from experimental status.
  • Issue #123 - Update documentation on using session tokens (Session or Federation temporary creds).

0.7.0 (2017-01-15)

This release deprecates support for Python 3.2. It will be removed in the next release.

This release introduces support for automatically refreshing Trusted Advisor checks on accounts that support this. If you use this new feature, awslimitchecker will require a new permission, trustedadvisor:RefreshCheck. See Getting Started - Trusted Advisor for further information.

  • #231 - add support for new f1, r4 and t2.(xlarge|2xlarge) instance types, introduced in November 2016.
  • #230 - replace the built-in with versionfinder. Remove all of the many versioncheck tests.
  • #233 - refactor tests to replace yield-based tests with parametrize, as yield-based tests are deprecated and will be removed in pytest 4.
  • #235 - Deprecate Python 3.2 support. There don’t appear to have been any downloads on py32 in the last 6 months, and the effort to support it is too high.
  • A bunch of Sphinx work to use README.rst in the generated documentation.
  • Changed DEBUG-level logging format to include timestamp.
  • #239 - Support refreshing Trusted Advisor check results during the run, and optionally waiting for refresh to finish. See Getting Started - Trusted Advisor for further information.
  • #241 / PR #242 - Fix default ElastiCache/Nodes limit from 50 to 100, as that’s now what the docs say.
  • #220 / PR #243 / PR #245 - Fix for ExpiredTokenException Errors. awslimitchecker.connectable.credentials has been removed. In previous releases, awslimitchecker had been using a Connectable.credentials class attribute to store AWS API credentials and share them between Connectable subclass instances. The side-effect of this was that AWS credentials were set at the start of the Python process and never changed. For users taking advantage of the Python API and either using short-lived STS credentials or using long-running or threaded implementations, the same credentials persisted for the life of the process, and would often result in ExpiredTokenExceptions. The fix was to move _boto_conn_kwargs and _get_sts_token from connectable to the top-level AwsLimitChecker class itself, get the value of the _boto_conn_kwargs property in the constructor, and pass that value in to all Connectable subclasses. This means that each instance of AwsLimitChecker has its own unique connection-related kwargs and credentials, and constructing a new instance will work intuitively - either use the newly-specified credentials, or regenerate STS credentials if configured to use them. I have to extend my deepest gratitude to the folks who identified and fixed this issue, specifically cstewart87 for the initial bug report and description, aebie for the tireless and relentlessly thorough investigation and brainstorming and for coordinating work for a fix, and willusher for the final implementation and dealing (wonderfully) with the dizzying complexity of many of the unit tests (and even matching the existing style).

0.6.0 (2016-11-12)

This release has a breaking change. The VPC NAT gateways has been renamed to NAT Gateways per AZ and its get_current_usage() method will now return a list with multiple items. See the changelog entry for #214 below.

This release requires the following new IAM permissions to function:

  • firehose:ListDeliveryStreams
  • #217 - add support for new/missing EC2 instance types: m4.16xlarge, x1.16xlarge, x1.32xlarge, p2.xlarge, p2.8xlarge, p2.16xlarge.
  • #215 - support “Regional Benefit” Reserved Instances that have no specific AZ set on them. Per AWS, these are exempt from On-Demand Running Instances limits like all other RIs.
  • #214 - The VPC “NAT gateways” limit incorrectly calculated usage for the entire region, while the limit is actually per-AZ. It also had strange capitalization that confused users. The name has been changed to “NAT Gateways per AZ” and the usage is now correctly calculated per-AZ instead of region-wide.
  • #221 / PR #222 - Fix bug in handling of STS Credentials where they are cached permanently in connectable.Connectable.credentials, and new AwsLimitChecker instances in the same Python process reuse the first set of STS credentials. This is fixed by storing the Account ID as part of connectable.ConnectableCredentials and getting new STS creds if the cached account ID does not match the current account_id on the Connectable object.
  • PR #216 - add new “Firehose” service with support for “Delivery streams per region” limit.
  • #213 / PR #188 - support AWS cross-sdk credential file profiles via -P / --profile, like awscli.

0.5.1 (2016-09-25)

This release requires the following new IAM permissions to function:

  • ec2:DescribeSpot* or more specifically:
    • ec2:DescribeSpotDatafeedSubscription
    • ec2:DescribeSpotFleetInstances
    • ec2:DescribeSpotFleetRequestHistory
    • ec2:DescribeSpotFleetRequests
    • ec2:DescribeSpotInstanceRequests
    • ec2:DescribeSpotPriceHistory
  • ec2:DescribeNatGateways
  • #51 / PR #201 - Add experimental support for Spot Instance and Spot Fleet limits (only the ones explicitly documented by AWS). This is currently experimental, as the documentation is not terribly clear or detailed, and the author doesn’t have access to any accounts that make use of spot instances. This will be kept experimental until multiple users validate it. For more information, see the EC2 limit documentation.
  • PR #204 contributed by hltbra to add support for VPC NAT Gateways limit.
  • Add README and Docs link to board.
  • Fix bug where --skip-ta command line flag was ignored in show_usage() (when running with -u / --show-usage action).
  • Add link to Kanban board
  • #202 - Adds management of integration test IAM policy via Terraform.
  • #211 - Add working download stats to README and docs
  • Fix broken badges in README and docs
  • #194 - On Limits page of docs, clarify that Running On-Demand Instances does not include Reserved Instances.
  • Multiple tox.ini changes:
    • simplify integration and unit/versioncheck testenv blocks using factors and reuse
    • py26 testenv was completely unused, and py26-unit was running and working with mock==2.0.0
    • use pytest<3.0.0 in py32 envs
  • #208 - fix KeyError when timestamp key is missing from TrustedAdvisor check result dict

0.5.0 (2016-07-06)

This release includes a change to awslimitchecker‘s Python API. awslimitchecker.limit.AwsLimit.get_limit can now return either an int or None, as TrustedAdvisor now lists some service limits as being explicitly “unlimited”.

  • #195 - Handle TrustedAdvisor explicitly reporting some limits as “unlimited”. This introduces the concept of unlimited limits, where the effective limit is None.

0.4.4 (2016-06-27)

  • PR #190 / #189 - Add support for EBS st1 and sc1 volume types (adds “EBS/Throughput Optimized (HDD) volume storage (GiB)” and “EBS/Cold (HDD) volume storage (GiB)” limits).

0.4.3 (2016-05-08)

0.4.2 (2016-04-27)

This release requires the following new IAM permissions to function:

  • elasticbeanstalk:DescribeApplications
  • elasticbeanstalk:DescribeApplicationVersions
  • elasticbeanstalk:DescribeEnvironments
  • #70 Add support for ElasicBeanstalk service.
  • #177 Integration tests weren’t being properly skipped for PRs.
  • #175 the simplest and most clear contributor license agreement I could come up with.
  • #172 add an integration test running against sa-east-1, which has fewer services than the popular US regions.

0.4.1 (2016-03-15)

  • #170 Critical bug fix in implementation of #71 - SES only supports three regions (us-east-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1) and causes an unhandled connection error if used in another region.

0.4.0 (2016-03-14)

This release requires the following new IAM permissions to function:

  • rds:DescribeAccountAttributes
  • iam:GetAccountSummary
  • s3:ListAllMyBuckets
  • ses:GetSendQuota
  • cloudformation:DescribeAccountLimits
  • cloudformation:DescribeStacks

Issues addressed:

  • #150 add CHANGES.rst to Sphinx docs

  • #85 and #154

    • add support for RDS ‘DB Clusters’ and ‘DB Cluster Parameter Groups’ limits
    • use API to retrieve RDS limits
    • switch RDS from calculating usage to using the DescribeAccountAttributes usage information, for all limits other than those which are per-resource and need resource IDs (Max auths per security group, Read replicas per master, Subnets per Subnet Group)
    • awslimitchecker now requires an additional IAM permission, rds:DescribeAccountAttributes
  • #157 fix for TrustedAdvisor polling multiple times - have TA set an instance variable flag when it updates services after a poll, and skip further polls and updates if the flag is set. Also add an integration test to confirm this.

  • #50 Add support for IAM service with a subset of its limits (Groups, Instance Profiles, Policies, Policy Versions In Use, Roles, Server Certificates, Users), using both limits and usage information from the GetAccountSummary API action. This requires an additional IAM permission, iam:GetAccountSummary.

  • #48 Add support for S3 Buckets limit. This requires an additional IAM permission, s3:ListAllMyBuckets.

  • #71 Add support for SES service (daily sending limit). This requires an additional IAM permission, ses:GetSendQuota.

  • #69 Add support for CloudFormation service Stacks limit. This requires additional IAM permissions, cloudformation:DescribeAccountLimits and cloudformation:DescribeStacks.

  • #166 Speed up TravisCI tests by dropping testing for PyPy and PyPy3, and only running the -versioncheck tests for two python interpreters instead of 8.

0.3.2 (2016-03-11)

  • #155 Bug fix for uncaught KeyError on accounts with Trusted Advisor (business-level support and above). This was caused by an undocumented change released by AWS between Thu, 10 Mar 2016 07:00:00 GMT and Fri, 11 Mar 2016 07:00:00 GMT, where five new IAM-related checks were introduced that lack the region data field (which the TrustedAdvisorResourceDetail API docs still list as a required field).

0.3.1 (2016-03-04)

  • #117 fix Python 3.5 TravisCI tests and re-enable automatic testing for 3.5.
  • #116 add t2.nano EC2 instance type; fix typo - “m4.8xlarge” should have been “m4.10xlarge”; update default limits for m4.(4|10)xlarge
  • #134 Minor update to project description in docs and; use only _VERSION (not git) when building in RTD; include short description in docs HTML title; set meta description on docs index.rst.
  • #128 Update Development and Getting Help documentation; add GitHub file with link back to docs, as well as Issue and PR templates.
  • #131 Refactor TrustedAdvisor interaction with limits for special naming cases (limits where the TrustedAdvisor service or limit name doesn’t match that of the awslimitchecker limit); enable newly-available TrustedAdvisor data for some EC2 on-demand instance usage.

0.3.0 (2016-02-18)

  • Add coverage for one code branch introduced in PR #100 that wasn’t covered by tests.
  • #112 fix a bug in the versioncheck integration tests, and a bug uncovered in versioncheck itself, both dealing with checkouts that are on a un-cloned branch.
  • #105 build and upload wheels in addition to sdist
  • #95 major refactor to convert AWS client library from boto to boto3. This also includes significant changes to the internal connection logic and some of the internal (private) API. Pagination has been moved to boto3 wherever possible, and handling of API request throttling has been removed from awslimitchecker, as boto3 handles this itself. This also introduces full, official support for python3.
  • Add separate localdocs tox env for generating documentation and updating output examples.
  • #113 update, expand and clarify documentation around threshold overrides; ignore some sites from docs linkcheck.
  • #114 expanded automatic integration tests
  • Please note that version 0.3.0 of awslimitchecker moved from using boto as its AWS API client to using boto3. This change is mostly transparent, but there is a minor change in how AWS credentials are handled. In boto, if the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables were set, and the region was not set explicitly via awslimitchecker, the AWS region would either be taken from the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable or would default to us-east-1, regardless of whether a configuration file (~/.aws/credentials or ~/.aws/config) was present. With boto3, it appears that the default region from the configuration file will be used if present, regardless of whether the credentials come from that file or from environment variables.

0.2.3 (2015-12-16)

  • PR #100 support MFA tokens when using STS assume role
  • #107 add support to explicitly disable pagination, and use for TrustedAdvisor to prevent pagination warnings

0.2.2 (2015-12-02)

  • #83 remove the “v” prefix from version tags so ReadTheDocs will build them automatically.
  • #21 run simple integration tests of -l and -u for commits to main repo branches.

0.2.1 (2015-12-01)

  • #101 Ignore stopped and terminated instances from EC2 Running On-Demand Instances usage count.
  • #47 In VersionCheck git -e tests, explicitly fetch git tags at beginning of test.

0.2.0 (2015-11-29)

  • #86 wrap all AWS API queries in awslimitchecker.utils.boto_query_wrapper to retry queries with an exponential backoff when API request throttling/rate limiting is encountered
  • Attempt at fixing #47 where versioncheck acceptance tests fail under TravisCI, when testing master after a tagged release (when there’s a tag for the current commit)
  • Fix #73 reports incorrect information when package is installed in a virtualenv inside a git repository
  • Fix #87 run coverage in all unit test Tox environments, not a dedicated env
  • Fix #75 re-enable py26 Travis builds now that pytest-dev/pytest#1035 is fixed (pytest >= 2.8.3)
  • Fix #13 re-enable Sphinx documentation linkcheck
  • Fix #40 add support for pagination of API responses (to get all results) and handle pagination for all current services
  • Fix #88 add support for API-derived limits. This is a change to the public API for awslimitchecker.limit.AwsLimit and the CLI output.
  • Fix #72 add support for some new limits returned by Trusted Advisor. This renames the following limits: * EC2/EC2-VPC Elastic IPs to EC2/VPC Elastic IP addresses (EIPs) * RDS/Read Replicas per Master to RDS/Read replicas per master * RDS/Parameter Groups to RDS/DB parameter groups
  • Fix #84 pull some EC2 limits from the API’s DescribeAccountAttributes action
  • Fix #94 pull AutoScaling limits from the API’s DescribeAccountLimits action
  • Add autoscaling:DescribeAccountLimits and ec2:DescribeAccountAttributes to required IAM permissions.
  • Ignore AccountLimits objects from result pagination

0.1.3 (2015-10-04)

  • Update trove classifier Development Status in to Beta
  • Fix markup formatting issue in docs/source/getting_started.rst
  • temporarily disable py26 testenv in Travis; failing due to upstream bug
  • PR #64 and #68 - support [STS]( and regions * Add support for passing in a region to connect to via -r / --region * Add support for using STS to check resources in another account, including support for external_id * Major refactor of how service classes connect to AWS API
  • #74 add support for EC2 t2.large instance type
  • #65 handle case where ElastiCache API returns CacheCluster response with CacheNodes None
  • #63 update Python usage documentation
  • #49 clean up badges in README.rst and sphinx index.rst; PyPi downloads and version badges broken (switch to
  • #67 fix typo in required IAM policy; comma missing in list returned from _Ec2Service.required_iam_permissions()
  • #76 default limits for EBS volume usage were in TiB not GiB, causing invalid default limits on accounts without Trusted Advisor
  • Changes to some tests in to aid in debugging #47 where Travis tests fail on master because of git tag from release (if re-run after release)

0.1.2 (2015-08-13)

  • #62 - For ‘RDS/DB snapshots per user’ limit, only count manual snapshots. (fix bug in fix for #54)

0.1.1 (2015-08-13)

  • #54 - For ‘RDS/DB snapshots per user’ limit, only count manual snapshots.
  • PR #58 - Fix issue where BotoServerError exception is unhandled when checking ElastiCache limits on new accounts without EC2-Classic.
  • #55 - use .version instead of .parsed_version to fix version information when using pip<6
  • #46 - versioncheck integration test fixes * Rename -integration tox environments to -versioncheck * Skip versioncheck git install integration tests on PRs, since they’ll fail
  • #56 - logging fixes * change the AGPL warning message to write directly to STDERR instead of logging * document logging configuration for library use * move boto log suppression from checker to runner
  • Add contributing docs

0.1.0 (2015-07-25)

  • initial released version