Getting Help

If you have a quick question or need some simple assistance, you can try the chat channel.

Enterprise Support Agreements and Contract Development

For Commercial or Enterprise support agreements for awslimitchecker, or for paid as-needed feature development or bug fixes, please contact Jason Antman at

Reporting Bugs and Asking Questions

Questions, bug reports and feature requests are happily accepted via the GitHub Issue Tracker. Pull requests are welcome; see the Development documentation for information on PRs. Issues that don’t have an accompanying pull request will be worked on as my time and priority allows, and I’ll do my best to complete feature requests as quickly as possible. Please take into account that I work on this project solely in my personal time, I don’t get paid to work on it and I can’t work on it for my day job, so there may be some delay in getting things implemented.

Guidelines for Reporting Issues

Opening a new issue on GitHub should pre-populate the issue description with a template of the following:

Feature Requests

If your feature request is for support of a service or limit not currently supported by awslimitchecker, you can simply title the issue add support for <name of service, or name of service and limit> and add a simple description. For anything else, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Describe in detail the feature you would like to see implemented, especially how it would work from a user perspective and what benefits it adds. Your description should be detailed enough to be used to determine if code written for the feature adequately solves the problem.
  2. Describe one or more use cases for why this feature will be useful.
  3. Indicate whether or not you will be able to assist in testing pre-release code for the feature.

Bug Reports

When reporting a bug in awslimitchecker, please provide all of the following information, as well as any additional details that may be useful in reproducing or fixing the issue:

  1. awslimitchecker version, as reported by awslimitchecker --version.
  2. How was awslimitchecker installed (provide as much detail as possible, ideally the exact command used and whether it was installed in a virtualenv or not).
  3. The output of python --version and virtualenv --version in the environment that awslimitchecker is running in.
  4. Your operating system type and version.
  5. The output of awslimitchecker, run with the -vv (debug-level output) flag that shows the issue.
  6. The output that you expected (what’s wrong).
  7. If the bug/issue is related to TrustedAdvisor, which support contract your account has.
  8. Whether or not you are willing and able to assist in testing pre-release code intended to fix the issue.