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A script and python module to check your AWS service limits and usage using boto.

Users building out scalable services in Amazon AWS often run into AWS’ service limits - often at the least convenient time (i.e. mid-deploy or when autoscaling fails). Amazon’s Trusted Advisor can help this, but even the version that comes with Business and Enterprise support only monitors a small subset of AWS limits and only alerts weekly. awslimitchecker provides a command line script and reusable package that queries your current usage of AWS resources and compares it to limits (hard-coded AWS defaults that you can override, API-based limits where available, or data from Trusted Advisor where available), notifying you when you are approaching or at your limits.


This project has just undergone a relatively major refactor to migrate from boto to boto3, along with a refactor of much of the connection and usage gathering code. Until it’s been running in production for a while, please consider this to be “beta” and make every effort to manually confirm the results for your environment.

What It Does

  • Check current AWS resource usage against AWS Service Limits
  • Show and inspect current usage
  • Override default Service Limits (for accounts with increased limits)
  • Compare current usage to limits; return information about limits that exceed thresholds, and (CLI wrapper) exit non-0 if thresholds are exceeded
  • Define custom thresholds per-limit
  • where possible, pull current limits from Trusted Advisor API
  • where possible, pull current limits from each service’s API (for services that provide this information)
  • Supports explicitly setting the AWS region
  • Supports using STS to assume roles in other accounts, including using external_id.


  • Python 2.6 through 3.5.
  • Python VirtualEnv and pip (recommended installation method; your OS/distribution should have packages for these)
  • boto3 >= 1.2.3

Installation and Usage

See Getting Started.

Getting Help and Asking Questions

See Getting Help.


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awslimitchecker is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or later. This shouldn’t be much of a concern to most people; see Development / AGPL for more information.