class, critical_threshold, boto_connection_kwargs, quotas_client)[source]


Describes an AWS service and its limits, and provides methods to query current utilization.

Constructors of _AwsService subclasses must not make any external connections; these must be made lazily as needed in other methods. _AwsService subclasses should be usable without any external network connections.

  • warning_threshold (int) – the default warning threshold, as an integer percentage, for any limits without a specifically-set threshold.
  • critical_threshold (int) – the default critical threshold, as an integer percentage, for any limits without a specifically-set threshold.
  • boto_connection_kwargs (dict) – Dictionary of keyword arguments to pass to boto connection methods.
  • quotas_client (ServiceQuotasClient or None) – Instance of ServiceQuotasClient
MAX_RRSETS_BY_ZONE = {'default_limit': 10000, 'name': 'Record sets per hosted zone', 'type': 'MAX_RRSETS_BY_ZONE'}
MAX_VPCS_ASSOCIATED_BY_ZONE = {'default_limit': 100, 'name': 'VPC associations per hosted zone', 'type': 'MAX_VPCS_ASSOCIATED_BY_ZONE'}
__module__ = ''

Calculate the max recordsets and vpc associations and the current values per hosted zone

_get_hosted_zone_limit(limit_type, hosted_zone_id)[source]

Return a hosted zone limit [recordsets|vpc_associations]

Return type:dict

Return all available hosted zones

Returns:dict of hosted zones
Return type:dict

Query Route53’s GetHostedZoneLimit API action, and update limits with the quotas returned. Updates self.limits.

api_name = 'route53'

Determine the current usage for each limit of this service, and update corresponding Limit via _add_current_usage().


Return all known limits for this service, as a dict of their names to AwsLimit objects.

Limits from:

Returns:dict of limit names to AwsLimit objects
Return type:dict

Return a list of IAM Actions required for this Service to function properly. All Actions will be shown with an Effect of “Allow” and a Resource of “*”.

Returns:list of IAM Action strings
Return type:list
service_name = 'Route53'